Help for irritated eyes


L writes:

Could you please share with me what I can do when my eyes get so red. I have tried numerous eye drops to no avail.  It sometimes seems like it makes it worse.  Is this the case.  I wonder if it has something to do with energy as I used to be able to meditate and feel that it helped. Thank you for your insight.


The guide’s response:

You dearest have very dry eye sockets.  This occurs for many reasons.  Some is from a slight irritation, some is from an allergy and some is from a belief.   You often want to not be amongst many.  You often fear seeing your own reflection in the eyes of others.  Fear, dearest one, that you can resolve quite well, not so much through meditation as through joy, through being contented within, and feeling peace.

Yes, seek either through society’s understandings or one you are drawn to. There is way you can assist this irritation.  You also have a need to detoxify your body by eating lots of fresh vegetables and drinking water that is clean and pure.  Eat a good balance of these things, for  minerals can help this as well.

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