Anonymous2 writes, “I’m worried about periods of irregular heartbeats that seem to be increasing for me. I’ve started meditating and doing relaxation exercises again and that seems to possibly help.  My intuition tells me that the chief origin of this symptom might be work stress; taking too much on.  Any comments or insights would be valuable. Thanks.

You are a very passionate being, a beautiful being full of light and love and joy.  This work where you are was a good thing, but it does not mean you must always stay with one thing.   You have grown and stretched beyond and even now have a great capacity to do many things.   A mind such as yours could not ever be limited to one thing.  The expectations of this work place are not uncommon and it is not that you cannot do this, but your heart needs to lift beyond it now, dearest.

You are young in your physical years and you are ancient in your spirit.  These two things may collide from time to time, so be patient with yourself.  You are not being ungrateful by not wanting this work.  Look elsewhere and look beyond this and see what is possible for you.  There are so many things, so many possibilities.  And doing something over and over in the same way for you is like a prison.  So, you have the key.  But of course you are not going to as you have placed yourself in a position of needing monies at certain time.  It does not mean that you cannot look beyond to yourself my dear, loving and kind. Realize that there are many dear ones that love you and support you.  They also have opinions but you must trust in your own choice for that that you need to do.  Bless you my child.