Miss Dynamic Soul writes, “Thank you for responding to my last question.  your response was such a knowing! While meditating everyday I now communicate with the seven people who have passed in my family. My dad is parenting me now, which he was not able to parent me while on earth, it’s everything I need and more, my mother protects me now, which she didn’t while here on earth. It’s beautiful, their messages now are healing my grown children and other family members. I know I have spirit guides, also. I’m being patient and guided more and more each day to heal others, my desire is huge to continue to heal within and continue to heal others. Could you speak on my family, my spirit guides and on my healing others? Thank you so much, I’m so happy I found you all, I read this every day.

You are as unique as your fingerprints blessed one,  a star in an amazing sky. There are many you have touched that you have no idea about.

Your family look to you as a leader.  But don’t be surprised if they don’t want to fight with the leader now and then.

As to your healing work, it is already in process.  Don’t be impatient.  Enjoy.