Shveta writes:

Thanks for the opportunity to ask question. Recently I’m experiencing some pain in abdomen and an acidity issue. Is it the result of my old habits of worrying? Why is this pain occurring and what can i do about it?  I’m also experiencing alopecia. is there something that can heal it? I’m too young!  Thanks.

The guide’s response:

You are too young, blessed one, but you are an old soul and you absorb the energies of others. It is an impossible task to tell you not to worry, to trust.  It is good to take an action: to move, to dance, to flow, but make sure that it is not a frenzied action.  Be gentle and healing. Your body does become acidic from time to time.  This can be corrected by wondrous sleep, deep sleep.  Also, of course, there are alkaline diets but a little too much of one condition for you, I am afraid, because you focus too much on one thing.

Your thyroid has a condition where it goes high and low, back and forth, and this causes great surges of hormones back and forth and that is what causes the alopecia.  This too can be calmed with diet, relaxation and meditation.  You need to do wonderful deep breathing, yoga movements and dance, swimming.  Truly, diving into your physical world and feeling the support for you.  You often close yourself off. Instead, embrace. Embrace your world and rejoice in its wonder.  Bless you my child