I have a question about my husband’s hip surgery.  What is healing for him?  Do you have any recommendations?

The bone around things, needs a vibration.  There are certain energies that you could have transmitted through that area.  You might feel a little uncomfortable with it, so let’s think what would you find in your world that would be a nice vibrating energy.  Bone has the greatest difficulty in knitting itself because it is difficult to get blood supply into it, to heal it up.  And so he needs, without ripping around and upsetting things, and ripping it away from the tiny cells that are just starting to gel and heal and feed the bone so then it takes its nourishment to grow.

Definitely, most important is nourishing food and I know for a fact that you are a dandy cook.  Good, good nourishment, movement, touch but a very low, gentle constant vibration that moves up and through.  If you could get one of those vibrators that is very soft energy and don’t put it directly over where the wound is, above and below, back and forth. This will help. The most important thing is for the circulation in the body, bones especially.

So, are you speaking about something electrical perhaps?

Yes, but nothing violent or too heavy, using a gently warming heating device.

What about a heating blanket?

Too diverse, it needs to be a little more concentrated just to that area, but not directly on it.

There are also heating lamps that the acupuncturists use.

Yes, the red light (infra-red)  is very good, the vibration is very good.  And tell him to hum, not grumble, hum.