KBC writes:

My beloved brother is very ill with advanced lung disease and waiting to get on a transplant waiting list. This could take months and he might not survive the wait, the surgery, or the post-op time. He is accepting death but also wants very much to live. He is a healer himself and has helped many people. We have already felt the energy and support of the guides in bringing someone into our lives who can help, please tell us what more we can do at this time.

The guide’s response:

What wonderful healers these beings are. To each of you, always, always present amidst pain. And part of this has been absorbed into this being. How to heal the healer? How to make the giver take? How to open up that great heart that is so expansive for others and needs to absorb for self. For even deep within this wondrous being of light, there is the part of “don’t waste it on me”.  To convince this wonderful being that all of the love for him is not a waste, but gives purpose to those that wish to heal.

This one needs to laugh, to bounce, literally to bounce. This is a wonderful energy to be. This being has held tight many issues of the heart, from self and needs to express it and to allow it to enter in. Laughter, bouncing, music, consider all of the vibrations of light, all will help. This healer also understands that the path has many parts of it, each with its own wonder, and fears not the wonder of the transformation. But there is time. Trust, there is lots of time.

Blessed sister, healer too, you love to see the light in others and often find yourself with this one unable to use the words that are often there at your command. So, instead of using your high intellect and your understanding of energy, use touch. Transference of energy between the two is so easily transferred by touch. Do so. And always keep seeking and investing in the light, in the path that is present. It certainly finds that in some time of reflection, meditation and prayer but for one who feels time is running out, stay present and you will see there is lots of it; lots at your fingertips.  Bless you all, for you in and of the light.