Healing, circulation, positive thoughts, and forward movement

Dawn is asking to know about her health and what would be healing before and after her surgery?

Circulation is the most important thing for before and after any surgical intrusion into the body.  So, circulation begins on the skin. You often think that you must take something, but in truth, in the mind and the skin is where we will start.  Dry brushing the skin towards the heart is very good.  Massage with a very good oil is also wonderful, from the toes, to the tip of your head to the tips of your fingers.  Massage all parts of your body.  And laughter is amazing!  You see what I want, is energy moving through you and back and forth.  Jiggle up and down, rock back and forth, keep the momentum moving and the blood surging through you.

Your communication line in your body is your bloodstream.  It carries the good information in the form of oxygen and the bad information in the form of thoughts.   If your thoughts are negative then this will destroy and pull away from the wound instead of rushing to it to heal it.  You can actually do this without any training or lessons.  You simply have a thought of bringing warmth and healing into the area of surgery, bringing your whole attention into the area.  Tell it that you love it and that it is whole and well.  You know you replace every cell in your body many, many, many times in a lifetime. This is not the same body at all.  But why did you create it as the way it is now?  There are many things that you believe about yourself that you needn’t, that you can redo and correct and balance.  Now is a great time to do this as if you are looking at this as a new opportunity of being.  If you take into this whole thing with the same old understanding of who you be, you will have the same result that you have been.  So, bring forth new understanding of the perfection, how every cell….you know there is a lot of talk now about stem cells.  Stem cells have always been present and had the ones that react the most easily to the thought patterns. Do you know if you think about a terrible accident your whole body reacts to being in that terrible accident.  If you think a positive, wonderful thing your whole body reacts to that.  Every time you go into that place again, revisit it, your body will have the exact same cellular reaction that it had in the first place.

Dawn had an accident where she fell off of the bleachers and had some neurological issues.  Does she need to let go of this?

This idea of “letting go” and it diminishing and being gone is nonsense.  I want you to know that you don’t let go of anything as it is all part of you.  But you make peace with it, you embrace it.  That that you are resisting is causing so much exhaustion.  So every time you remember it you will tense up in every part of your body and you become rigid.  You are fearful that the fall is happening over and over again.  So, you must go into that place and say I am willing to embrace that I fell, that I learned a great deal and learned about the fragility and wonder of life.  I learned that I can easily change all aspects of my life.  This is what you need to embrace.

I would like very much to come back to the physical world to re-write the vocabulary.  I know that is not possible.  But I want you to know that you are thinking that your whole medical society believes that you must let  go and forget.  Unfortunately, that is not possible.  You don’t forget a single thing even if you block it out, it is part of you.  Why do you think you’ve made computers, information in, information stays.  And, unfortunately, unlike the computer you cannot erase it.  It is part of the whole scheme of what you be, every action, every second.  That is not a negative.  That is how you learn.  That is how become the amazing beings that you are.  Bless this child.  Do not worry.  Just take the time now and the outcome will be wondrous.

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    It doesn’t seem like quite the right time to have another companion animal but I keep seeing a dog around me again. Is this just my obsessive mind? Also, I had a vivd dream about my recently passed over dog that felt like a spirit visit. Any guidance on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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