Anna writes, “I am worried about my lower back inflammations and wonder what I can do to promote healing here and to lessen the impact as I age. As well I am concerned about my hormonal health. If you are able to provide insight I would be appreciative.

This entity is very worried about patterns, things that have been before.  You are a separate entity, I wish to speak this first.  Your physical state right now is actually very good.  Yes, you have hormonal surges.  But remember, a being such as yourself, will constantly have hormonal surges in back and forth and up and down and in fact it can happen in all states of life.  It is just an awareness you have right now.  Do you worry about it?  Well, that is your choice of course.  Does it affect the bones? I know you are worrying about the thinning of bones, the build-up of calcium within the joints and stiffening of cartilage.  It is always important to keep movement.

Keep happy too. This is very important in the physical state of a body. It helps even the hormonal levels, happiness, movement and joy.  Finding things to do of fun and laughter.  You also need very much to eat joyously.  In the physical world it is thought to an awareness that  eating is a plague and instead it is a wonderful part of being in the physical to take things in a body to find harmony in a body to nurture it, to heal it.  Do so with joy, darling.  Do not plague yourself with that that was and be and enjoy and find pleasure in that.  The lower back is related to working too much, to over doing it and stressing parts of her being.  The hormonal levels they fluctuate always.  Do not worry about the hormones.  It is a catch word now.  It is something that needs to pay attention but to not stress over.

Is there anything to promote healing?

Yes, laughter.