Sherron writes, “I am recovering slowly, slowly from yet another “medical event” and feeling very very emotionally and spiritually fragile.  Healthwise, according to conventional medicine, the future looks bleak – more broken bones, limited mobility, severe digestive troubles, etc.  I would like to shake this dark feeling of dread that oppresses me, or at least, diffuse the power of the fear that I carry.  It seems so hard to do .  Am  I asking for too much?

So sad blessed one, you are so sad. You are so receptive and finely turned right now.  It is true, your spirit took over and truly has healed your being.  For you have chosen to be, to be present, to help others.  You understand now the depth of sadness that is in your world, for you feel it from so many.  Take this whole opportunity of growth that you have just experienced again.  You have to become stronger than you ever have been before.  So fear not, and  you will begin a whole new part of your path where you will help others heal.  Does it take needing to heal one’s self first?  Perhaps, my dear.  But do not fear it.  It is others fear that you feel.  Trust that you are strong and will do well.  You are loved.