Food intolerances

Elizabeth writes that she has intolerance to gluten and dairy and since she’s vegetarian, foods can sometimes be troublesome. She asks if this intolerance could be connected to something she’s doing or being. She says, “I want to heal it, but have been unsuccessful. Could you please help me with this? The answer is probably staring me in the face. Could you please also comment on Craig? I recognized him from a past life.”

Yes, this gentle being is very sensitive. She had a virus early in life. It created an imbalance in her. You are going to learn many things in your physical world in the next passing of time. You’ll understand more about viruses and how they create situations within physical bodies.

This virus created in her an inability to deal with this in her immune system. If she strengthens here immune system, in time she will be able to tolerate small amounts, but not now. The immune system must be made strong.

And how can she do that?

Fearful. Very fearful. Yes. Not just of food. There is anxiety in this body. Inability to breathe deep into her gut. Very important for her to take deep breaths to relax the lower part of her abdomen and to receive oxygen into it. So deep breathing first. She has to understand about the immune system, the blood cells that fight, that help, that attack things that are foreign. Since she was invaded a very long time ago by an unknown virus, the body has seen many things as something that it should attack. And when under attack the body does not digest or assimilate food properly. These are difficult concepts to understand. She needs to find a place of peace, a place of healing. There are many things that disturb her energy while she sleeps. Sleep is an important part of this thing. She must not have energy currents running across her body. It must be one of harmony—until she is stronger. She should work on the physical elements first. And that is enough at this time.
At this point in the conversation the guide left so the second part of Elizabeth’s question remains until the next opportunity to speak with a spirit guide. The response to the question about Craig will be posted very soon.

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