Here’s an interaction between an audience member and a guide guide from our April evening in the circle with the spirit guides.

Man in audience:

I’ve been having a problem with arterial fibulation where my heart is out of rhythm and I wonder if it has anything to do with a heart that’s opening.  I’ve noticed that some of my men friends have had similar problems.



It has several things to do with a heart that’s opening.  Because it’s been closed for quite a while.  And like any door that’s a bit stuck, when you first open it, it whangers back and forth a little bit.  But also you have a bit of a chemical imbalance in you, son.  You need to make sure your minerals are all up to date.  Don’t do anything crazy like go buying every pill in the store, but you need to make sure you’re getting real earthy, minerals–grounding you.

Also you need to do some very, very  deep breathing.  I think it’s an important part, but not the most important for you.  You know what I want you to do?  Laugh.  Laugh and laugh and laugh.  Oh not at a very sad moment, perhaps.  But seek laughter.  Seek joy.  Find something to laugh at every day.  It’s the best in balancing all symptoms in the body.  It feeds them and shakes them up.  Did you know that every cell in your body has its own song?  Your heart has its own song—and it’s a bit wobbly right now.    Nothing to be worried about.  But find the song.  Sing and laugh. Rejoice.