Exploring Past Lives, Thursday, Sept 24


Thursday, Sept 24th will be our third gathering at Goward House in Victoria. Our evenings so far have been about finding out who you are, and finding out more about your Guides and accessing their wonderful knowledge. And we have also explored some breathing and meditation techniques.

I have enjoyed the conversations where we have all shared our experiences. Of course this takes more than one night. Although I believe once you begin, it can unfold quite quickly.

At this month’s gathering we are going to talk about Past Lives. It should be a fun evening… exploring the many aspects of this topic.

What do you think about past lives?

Do you ever wonder… is there a reason you are terrified of spiders or just love Japanese food?

Or maybe you love spiders and hate Japanese food. It’s not always a bad experience.

I’m looking forward to Thursday night. I would love to hear about some of your experiences too. You can write them here in the Comments section of this page.

Let’s talk.




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  1. Joseph M Gronka March 19, 2016 at 7:52 am - Reply

    I believe in reincarnation. Have no experience that I can recall. :) No proof, same as you. I have learned that just because an idea cannot be materialized.does not make it false. Is your experience similar?

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