Estranged from a little sister

IMG_1689 croppedJennifer writes: I have been estranged from my younger sister for a number of years. I miss her so much and I would like to know why she won’t even talk to me. What is the anger about?

Oh yes, it is true you feel hurt. Understand that when a being chooses a certain life path, makes choices that see things as rigid and unable to bend, and when people around this one are supportive of that, to lose one’s place in this order of a chosen life is very difficult. This sister has always felt less than.

She does still love you, but it’s so tempered by the emotional state that she has not been able to evolve. In early days this one thought of you as a mother. And then choices were made: disappointment occurred. And so now she wants not to be thought of or judged and so feels it best just simply as the excuse of all actions to never speak again.

Not that she is being judged, but that is her own personal understanding of things. She is very much looking outside of her life and feeling it is not what it should be. Feeling that others live a better life and not knowing what is right for her at this time.

When beings are all born into one family with one mother and father, it is thought that all growth patterns should be equal and the same. But this is not true. Each being is a separate entity with their own conditions and needs for growth. And the mother and the father provide a different condition and attitude for each child. It causes great diversity and sometimes anger.

You are not all the same. None of you are. Each body is created to fulfill the needs of a path, a life experience created by that energy or soul or spirit—whatever you wish to call it. You, that fracture of God that manifests whatever you wish to be.

But sometimes in the mixture of conditions and elements in the family, these beings stay in a state instead of growing forward. This being is still thought of as very childish, even within her own understanding of herself.

This can only be resolved if she chooses it. And know that whatever is created in whatever time that it be new and different. Though that child is still present within, the child is no longer in control. Unfortunately you, sister, still think of that one as a child and has never been able to see it otherwise yet.

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