Energy jolts while doing healing

Pat asks about her healing energies. She says they have shifted in the last few years and she would like to know what happens with her when she treats clients. In the past year she has received some rather shocking volts of energy, sometimes painful, often from the core, but never lasting more than a second or two. She says, “Sometimes there is a build up. Clients don’t feel any pain themselves while this happens. This is not a real concern but rather something that piques my curious mind. I would love to see a lightning bolt!”

Oh she is an amazing little healer, that one. She is truly a wonderful healer. And what she is experiencing is just a friction. The energy moves through her so quickly that sometimes it gets built up a little bit. It is from her own mind wanting to do the job so well that she sort of stalls a bit. She will know very much what I speak of. But when she totally steps aside and allows the energy to just flow through her, she will be more harmonious with it. When she is trying so hard that they might be free of all difficulty or pain is when she might cause some friction within herself. She’s a real little lightning bolt herself, yes. It be fine, it be fine.

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  1. Cheryl July 17, 2008 at 8:22 am - Reply

    I wonder if the spirits could address crystals. I find myself drawn to certain crystals – Lemurian Seed crystals, amethyst, rose quartz and labradourite. Also, whenever I am in the stores that sell them I find myself in anextremely peaceful state.

  2. Cheryl July 18, 2008 at 8:14 am - Reply

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  3. Cheryl July 18, 2008 at 10:46 am - Reply

    I would like to expand upon my question, I use one of my lemuriancrystals as a pendulum. Is this agood way to communicate with my quides when I have questions? Are the answers accurate or is the motion of the pendulum influenced by my thoughts?Thank you.

  4. Kristine July 21, 2008 at 10:41 am - Reply

    The questions on this blog are terrific!I need to ask about my son. He is has some bowel issues, which seem to be fairly new. Does he have food sensitivities or is there something else going on? How can I help him? Thank you for your assistance!

  5. katharine July 25, 2008 at 8:57 pm - Reply

    Hello. I had a baby last year but my boyfriend never got togther to take any responsibilty. I iived with my mom and she became sick so when my baby was only a month old we moved over two hours away and he has only seen her several times since. he does not work or contribute in any way. we continued to maintain a connecition foor awhile, but eventually it seemed pointless. I have bee very devastated and sad and lonely. I live with my father who’s very ill and the only relations i have are my parents, and the relationships are very difficult I feel very trapped and stuck. I’d like to move out, but feel too much guilt and feel unabel to move out in any case. My baby’s father spoke of an on about wanting to be involved and how to raise our daughter, but still nothing… how have i been acting in this situation that is not right, and why is he doing this? i don’t know how to be a better mom, what to do for myself and my daughter, how to move on. I still keep thining of her father and waiting… but he does not seem interested in doing anything. Why not? Why is he so detached and unable to help me and be involved in our daughter’s life … what is the matter? I am so lonely and afraid i am not a good enough mom, and i have been unable to make any friends or move in any direction at all… what do i do for the best of everyone… how do i stop feeling so depressed and find what is right, and what is the purpose of his role and mine right now? I am afriad i’ll always be alone. i love him, but i guess he’s no good for me, and he doesn’t want to be with us why not? How do i move forward and let go of my disappointment? What should i be doing> I feel so lost.

  6. shadowdancer August 25, 2008 at 6:41 pm - Reply

    I have a question about guides and truth.Last year I contacted an entity (with the use of a pendulum) who said that he was my Master Sprit Guide. Also, I met a spirit guide. Each morning I would contact my Master guide by praying to God and asking for a clear, strong and negative free connection. The guide told me that this prayer was more to release my fears, than a necessary part of connecting to him. He told me that he had never lived on earth. The other guide had lived on earth.I have talked with my Master guide about Reiki, as this is a form of energy healing that I am drawn to. He gave me a symbol to use. (He channel’s writing (simple words at this point) and drawing through me.One day I heard, “call Harold”, in my head and when I asked the Master guide if he had told me that, he said that he had. I asked if my cousin’s cancer had returned and he said that it had. I asked how many months he had to live and with the use of the pendulum, was told 3 months. I called my cousin and he told me that he has been to the doctor and was told that he was fine, but that he is so terribly tired all the time. He is to have another checkup is September.I have felt very blessed to have this contact with my guides and am grateful that I was told to contact my cousin, as I haven’t talked to him in sometime and would feel terrible if something happened to him and we hadn’t been in contact. This past month while camping in the mountains, we received a message from the forestry service to call home, as a family member was in hospital. I contacted my guide and asked if it was my cousin. He said “yes”.It wasn’t.When I asked him why he had said yes, he said that I am asking questions that I shouldn’t and this is his way of teaching me not to ask these questions. (This information I gleaned by asking him questions, and receiving yes and no answers, via the pendulum.)I don’t understand this. Now I feel that I cannot trust this guide’s information and feel a great sadness.I have two questions: Are there guides that have never lived on earth? And, do guides give misinformation, as a means of teaching us…letting us learn which questions to ask? Or, have I contacted someone that I shouldn’t be communicating with?I look forward to hearing from you.Many blessings,shadowdancer

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