Pat asks about her healing energies. She says they have shifted in the last few years and she would like to know what happens with her when she treats clients. In the past year she has received some rather shocking volts of energy, sometimes painful, often from the core, but never lasting more than a second or two. She says, “Sometimes there is a build up. Clients don’t feel any pain themselves while this happens. This is not a real concern but rather something that piques my curious mind. I would love to see a lightning bolt!”

Oh she is an amazing little healer, that one. She is truly a wonderful healer. And what she is experiencing is just a friction. The energy moves through her so quickly that sometimes it gets built up a little bit. It is from her own mind wanting to do the job so well that she sort of stalls a bit. She will know very much what I speak of. But when she totally steps aside and allows the energy to just flow through her, she will be more harmonious with it. When she is trying so hard that they might be free of all difficulty or pain is when she might cause some friction within herself. She’s a real little lightning bolt herself, yes. It be fine, it be fine.