Do not give money the power to make you happy or unhappy

Funtastic writes:

Many blessings to the guides and helpers. Thank you for this great service. I made a mistake in the purchase of a stock. It crashed quickly and I lost much. I have lost before and I thought I had learned my lesson. I did my research on the one before this latest one, and it had a good record but it failed. This latest one was suppose to be a huge success. I did not study the financials though and perhaps there is where I went wrong. I cried because this felt like deja vue.

Also, can you please tell me why my dreams that involve my brother are always ones of abuse towards me? I have such bad dreams about my maternal grandma too abusing me. Was I sexually molested as a child? Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, right now you seem a little confused about your truth.  You felt that trusting and putting your money in something should have come back with a positive return, should have been the answer.  In fact, losing this money made you feel you’d lost trust in who you be and what you believe in.  Please do not place your belief in money as having a personality or the power to make you happy or unhappy.  Money is a tool.  That that you put it in, if it is something that grows and is real and has life, it can grow.  But as to making you happy, it should not be money that does this, my dear.

Your memories or dreams of your brother are confusing you.  Blessed one, you have to ask yourself in your conscious understanding how you feel about your brother.  If there is a part of you that is unsure, perhaps you should address this with him.  But it is true you have no communication with him, and you often feel less than him.  To heal this you both must have someone else present with you to have a discussion.  And you are not willing to do this right now, blessed one.  So instead of being confused, when you think about your brother surround him in white light.  Send love, for this will heal you–and him.

As to your grandmother, you’ve heard many stories and this has caused you confusion.  No, your grandmother didn’t abuse you, my dear.  There was abuse in that family but not on you.  Your conscious mind is trying to make peace with information you’ve heard.  As you very well know, my dear, many things were not said and many actions were done but never spoken about in your family.  They do not live what they speak by.

You have a difficult task:  to walk to your own walking, to be to your own truth, to create your own path.  Love them from a distance, love them for who they be. Do not expect them to be where you are.  But be willing to forgive and to love.  Bless you my child.


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  1. light being June 16, 2012 at 7:48 pm - Reply

    I really need some clairty…..feeling really drained energetically were I am living. I have had body pain I haven’t experience in years come up in the last few weeks….I have had a beautiful offer from a friend, to come and stay with them in a different town….and this man I know keeps coming to me threw spirit…..we are supposed to have a deep connection in this life….my whole completely pulsates when I ask for guidance on this….I know I may sound a little crazy. Any guidance you have on this point of my journey is greatly appreciated, thank-you so much to all of you beautiful guides

  2. waronadipose June 18, 2012 at 5:43 am - Reply

    Can you please give me insight into my relationships with JK and GE, thanks.

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