Dismiss the anger into love

P writes: I am preparing for a court case in 2 weeks regarding injuries I received while in hospital. I am representing myself as I am unable to afford a lawyer and am feeling quite nervous as I am up against the hospital insurance company, lawyers and staff. The process so far has been gruelling. I am hoping the judge will be fair and that justice will prevail. How do I prepare myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually? Thank you.


The guide’s response:

Blessed one, you have such a struggle inside.  You struggle to be seen and to be heard, and not just for this case.  You seek to find where you belong and how to find a balance of harmony, a place to be to receive and to give.  This need to make peace goes deeper than any other issue that lies within you.  If you take time and step aside of your path in life to really look at it you will see that time and time again you have tried to find permission to be.

You have never taken the time to heal this.  You have never allowed the love of yourself. You have not allowed yourself to look upon yourself as wondrous, as having a wonderful worth and purpose.  You have sought to look into the eyes of others to find who you be.  You have done it over and over–in anger and in humor.  No matter what occurs in any court case, no matter what you have asked of your physical world, your first need is to find you.

I know your world has many ways for this, they say can be done though meditation, or some course, or talking to counsellors.  But I am going to tell you that voice you hear that talks to the being that you have created, the one that comes up with the ideas of who to be or how to present yourself–it is this one that you are.  And you will have to tell this self how much love there is.

Soften all thought with love.  Visualize just a light; visualize just one step at a time. When you hear these words of negativity, stop.  Change the word to a word of love.  If you hear the words of anger at yourself, stop.  Change the words to love.  Dismiss the anger into love.  This will take some time, dearest. If you do this you will find what you need.  The universe will give you what you need.  Bless you my child.


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