Disease is your body’s voice

From our September 16th evening with the spirit guides.

I wanted to ask too about illness. When someone is faced with a diagnosis of a serious illness like cancer or MS or one that doesn’t have a good prognosis, our first question is always why me, why now? This is especially difficult to understand why for example someone like Jack Layton, who had so much vision and energy and was having a real impact in our country, could be struck down by an aggressive cancer? Can you comment on that?

Dearest one, you say this word cancer like it is some other ominous beast that is attacking. These cells are your own cells. These cells are the cells of your body yelling out at you that they need attention; that something has gone awry. Remember your body is given to you as a great gift. You create every cell of it, and that gift is to help you grow, to teach you (your spirit) things–understanding. Many reasons occur to create these cells. Some of which are to get your attention, some of which are from environmental things, some of which open a whole new path for you and your attention to that. Each is a separate and individual thing.

As to the blessed being you speak of. This blessed one, as all that know him very well, became more of the light as time went on and was complete. You may think too soon, too fast, but not according to he. He had learned what he needed to and was ready to go. It is your expectation that you feel saddened. Rejoice, this one did beautifully and continues to.

Be not so filled with fear when you go seeking help and find out that there’s some part of your body that has a discomfort, a dis-ease. It is the only way sometimes it’s voice can speak to you. So you must be gentle with these spiritual bodies you carry. You created it in all its wonder. What a wonderful thing this experience with the physical world is!  Many who even experience their own discomfort will say after a time that they’ve learned a great deal.  It was a gift to them–they to themselves, in truth not from something outside of them.

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  1. SW September 30, 2011 at 9:21 pm - Reply

    Dear guides – I am concerned with recent events. How is my grandson coping with the heightened stress? He has been acting out and has been experiencing nightmares in the last month or so. What can be done to best support the little one and his mom?

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