Diet for shedding toxins in the body

SW writes:  

Hi dear guides, Can you provide some insight please into my physical health as of late? If the recent experiences are nervous system related, how can I balance this or what does my body/spirit need for healing?  

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, it’s time to put into action what you know about health.  For it is your struggle—back and forth, up and down.  You need to make your body as alkaline as possible.  You do have a chemical imbalance and it causes the neurons to misfire.  The chemical imbalance occurred because the immune system was weakened.  Weakened, not only by internal confusion and fight, but also there has been some external poisons and irritants in your environment.  Not only toxic people but also actual poisons and fumes.

So, to begin a path of true healing, you must actually take it on.  Not just think about it; not just play at it.  You must do it because you want to heal your body. This process will take a while.  And the shedding of the toxins from your body will be very disturbing and uncomfortable for a bit.  But you can do this, my dear.

Eat a highly alive, vegetable diet, lots of pure clean water, very little of things with hormones in them.  For you are very sensitive to the hormones of other flesh.

So she should not be eating meat?

Not at this time, but it does not mean forever.  At this time it should be mostly vegetable and the protein must come from vegetable sources.  Sleep is important.  Keep well rested, and find some laughter.  For it is the wonderful energy that puts it all into process.It does not mean that you have to be hungry all the time.  Eat lots of fresh vegetables; not so much fruit for you now because you’re reactive in your insulin.  A little bit of sugar spikes the insulin levels and causes a blood condition in the body that reacts with the nervous system.

Yes, my dearest one, it’s true you are exhausted.  You do feel like a mess, but you can do this.  Clarify; cleanse—not with some heavy duty toxic thing—but with wonderful food, fresh food.  Lots of good oils, even breads that are made very purely without the introduction of  other elements., as pure as you can get it, will help you. Bless you my child.

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