A discussion about fear and its role in our lives

This question comes from someone who calls herself KF. She has a friend who went to an energy healer who told her that she has attracted “dark entities” and she was clearing the friend of these entities. KF wants to know if there is such a thing as a “dark entity” and if so what it is. She also asks what would attract a “dark entity” to a being.

Dearest beautiful light, you know within yourself that there are no dark energies for you. Beings use words to manifest things to create an avenue, a place in which to put something that they do not understand. These words really have nothing to do with the energies that this woman attracts. Sometimes a being that is lost in spirit can come close to one in the physical that has a great light. They are attracted to the light but they never would do harm. They perhaps would be confused but they would never harm you. As to clearing such a being, simply helping them to see the light is all she needs to do.

So the words “dark entity’ that the healer used are a reflection of the healer’s awareness of the world, the healer’s need or understanding.

Yes. Yes.

And so there is nothing in the friend that would attract…. I think it’s a fear when we hear these words…

She feels that she has attracted some dark and mysteriously frightening thing. It isn’t so. And she hasn’t attracted so much as it was drawn, a being perhaps…. I do have to say that nothing has been attracted to this being but I do not want to step on the toes of anyone.

This young one has a great deal of fear within her being and she wants to see it as a mass instead of just a part of herself that fears and is afraid to let go of that fear and to trust. Oh putting it into a mass or a vibrating state—there’s no harm in this. In putting her energy into dispersing something, as if something that you could sweep away.

This gentle little one just needs to realize her own strength; that she needn’t fear things. She grew up in a world feeling unsure of many things and now feels that there are things in the world that are dangerous and threatening. It fits right into the other being who also feels that there are negative sides to anything. In fact my dear they attracted each other to themselves.

Because of their fear?

Yes. I do not wish to say that they are right or wrong; I’m just telling you what is seen by my state of being.

And can you comment about fear? I know that it comes from our experiences and a twisted way of understanding, but how can we get beyond that? How can we release ourselves from fear?

Fear is a word that has been given to a state of energy, a state of alert attentiveness. To be alert in primitive times was to be in protection of the body. This has been translated so many times that now it covers a whole range of different ailments of your physical world. Fear has grown into a huge business of its own—when it has none. The adrenaline that pumps through your body—this is what fear is. As to finding out why it’s there, that is the conscious mind’s need.

So our fears are telling us where we need to direct our mind?

Yes, and your attention. It has been stifled over this passing in evolution. There are fears of things that could not harm you. The mind has taken over what fear is instead of just the body understanding it. It used to be the combination of sights, smell, of the senses that made the adrenaline. Now it is very often not the senses but just the mind. The development of the physical form to hold the spirit has evolved. It’s like you say you’re losing the use of the small toe on the foot because you do not need to climb terrains that you used to. But you are using the senses’ need of adrenaline too. And yet, still you have developed another way to use it.

Ah, because it’s there in our system?

Yes, So if someone says an angry word to you it is not necessary now to bare claws and teeth and fight with them. It is stifled within the body.

So even though we may feel attacked, we can’t respond.

And layers and layers of this unfinished response—this is anxiety. It can actually be on a cellular level now.

So how can we address those…?

By understanding in the primitive part of the body, the primitive brain. Do you know what that is?

Well I’ve heard talk of something called the amygdala.

Yes, This is truly where the need for this adrenalin lies. To address fear is to understand all of it. Early states of life create it to be a great burden in your life—or not.

And I know in our growing we would like to get beyond the paralysis that that causes in our life.

And unless you were to remove the adrenal gland this will not happen. For adrenaline is part of the physical body now. The paralysis is a combination of the stifled fear over a long time and the mind’s desire to not feel pain.

Yes, so we end up with people who are, for example, afraid to go outside.

Yes. Some of that comes from past lives as well. Complexities and simplicities crashing together to make their own black hole.

And of course, each person can work with that, can they not?

They must.

And perhaps can get some help from other people with it.

You must understand that when you come into a lifetime to learn, to grow, to move forward—sometimes fear is a great part of it. It can be something to overcome, by being raised by a fearful parent; something to overcome by having a past life filled with fear of the unknown. Tools. See it as a tool and not as a constriction.

Right. So it’s pointing out where we need to work.

Yes, if this being has a fear then use it as a tool to find out why. What is underneath that? Take a great stick and poke it and look underneath it. Have her look at it as a material thing. If she likes to think of look at things as absolute form, as in a black form, see this fear as a scab upon her. Pick it off, bit by bit. See what’s underneath it: a child, afraid, not feeling secure. Go into that sore. Hear it, feel it, heal it. Healing doesn’t mean it goes away; it means it puts it back as a tool.

Yes, so it no longer has an unusual power over her.

Absolutely, you are a wise being. It is not that the healer nor the friend is not wise. It is that they search. Seek out the truths that are fitting for you. This is what she must do.

Yes, it’s what we all must do.


Thank you so much. That’s very helpful.

Thank you, and KF, please thank her for caring so about her friend.


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  1. Freya February 26, 2009 at 3:10 pm - Reply

    I have had unexpected and intense supernatural experiences that have been overwhelming and frightening over the last 6 months. I have heard people say that no harm can come to me from the otherworld, but I have felt endangered and intruded upon. I accept that perhaps there is a message for me in this. I feel that I am meant to go deeper and explore this side further. When I go just a little further in, I end up feeling endangered and frightened again. This is new for me. I have felt at-home and safe in my intuitive capacity until now. I have responsibilities in the physical world that it is important to me to maintain. Now, the overwhelm I experience from contact with the otherworld makes managing in the physical one difficult. I feel very in-between. I feel like I need someone to who can offer some direction, but I don’t know how to find that person. Thank you.

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