Concerns about food in today’s western world

IMG_2447These days it seems that people are so cautious about what they eat, to the point of obsession. I’m wondering if 100 years ago people were more healthy with a limited diet of what was available. People now spend so much time thinking about and analyzing food.

Yes. This is the power of the mind. They hear information and make decisions about what is right and wrong for them. Thus it affects their whole being. There was not so much talk of food 100 years ago. There was 2000 years ago. You have cycles in your world that come around again and again. You are now going back into a more natural way of eating again. The return of the hundred year cycle.

How the circle returns. It used to be hundreds of years ago so very important to eat certain things to make sure you didn’t get an upset stomach, or fevers, or the malodors, which used to be thought of a great negative energy that dwelled in the body. It wasn’t a negative energy, simply an imbalance. You are coming again around that great circle to understand again how important the gut is.

But it is true that many of your foods now are adulterated in many ways. Many are not nutritious now and this has created an understanding of fear around food. Many people in your world now are afraid to eat. They are afraid of the toxins and poisons and modifications that have changed the food so the body does not recognize it as food. But is it the body that does not recognize it? Or is it the mind that creates the opening to not recognize it?

It’s the fear. It is the most poisonous elixir in your world, but it was not set up to be this way. Although at your time now, in this cycle, it is so. And you are at a time now of harvest, of reaping, of bringing in the food. Where you live you should be thankful and trust that it is nourishing you. The child is nourished because it is hungry. It doesn’t know what is good or bad. And in truth, mothers milk has in it many things that you would never serve to a child. But can you believe completely that it is pure and whole? Therein lies the question, and the choice.

I was just at an apple orchard with my grandson pressing fresh juice and it felt like such a connection to the earth.

Wholesome, like this is what was meant to be. It is my dear. The bounty of your physical world is never ending. But it is the mind of each individual that sets what is acceptable or not.

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  1. Sheree Enberg October 22, 2014 at 2:42 am - Reply

    Hello Jane…

    My husband passed away 5 months ago and I miss him so much. I also deal with the pain of fibromyalgia and grieving seems to have made worse, is there anything I can do for my body right now to help it through this process.

    Thank you,

    Sheree Enberg

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