Kristine asks about her son who has some bowel issues, which seem to be fairly new. She would like to know if he has food sensitivities or if there is something else going on? How can I help him?

Dear, blessed one. Your beautiful child is anxious and fearful right now. Try not to make a big deal about this. Be calm and relaxed and help the child by being not stressed, by eating vegetables and fruit. He’s very much like you in many ways dearest. You too have had these difficulties in your path. Try not to hurry this child. Allow this one time. This one very much is attached to you, and needs some private time with you. Needs to be quiet–well, dearest mother, you know exactly how to be with this one, for it is of your heart that is the same. This is why when this your blessed child arrived, you knew that you knew each other. Worry not, be patient, there is nothing wrong. He is just a very sensitive being, and it is hard to be in a body sometimes. Be patient, and love him.