Concern about a son with bowel issues

Kristine asks about her son who has some bowel issues, which seem to be fairly new. She would like to know if he has food sensitivities or if there is something else going on? How can I help him?

Dear, blessed one. Your beautiful child is anxious and fearful right now. Try not to make a big deal about this. Be calm and relaxed and help the child by being not stressed, by eating vegetables and fruit. He’s very much like you in many ways dearest. You too have had these difficulties in your path. Try not to hurry this child. Allow this one time. This one very much is attached to you, and needs some private time with you. Needs to be quiet–well, dearest mother, you know exactly how to be with this one, for it is of your heart that is the same. This is why when this your blessed child arrived, you knew that you knew each other. Worry not, be patient, there is nothing wrong. He is just a very sensitive being, and it is hard to be in a body sometimes. Be patient, and love him.

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  1. Michael August 24, 2008 at 1:51 pm - Reply

    Hi,I am worried about the welfare of my canine animal companion. I greatly regret not being able to pick up on signs that we needed more guidance. I feel bad that as a result we need to use a muzzle on walks.I need help in diluting some of his wariness around strangers who come into the house-particularly around men. Also, any tips on how to keep walks safe would help. I dont’ know this magnificent dog’s past, but he seems to still have a thirst to learn and deepen his bond with me. As his time on this plane is limited-and I sense his health is deteriorating-I would like his remaining days with me to be full of growth, and especially growth past the recent setback.Any ideas or feedback would be thankfully appreciated.

  2. Kristine September 3, 2008 at 7:15 pm - Reply

    I just wanted to follow up about the advice I was given with respect to my 6 year old son’s bowel problems. It was severe constipation and the poor fellow became incontinent. Before I asked the guide about the problem, I took him for xrays which showed a blockage. I fretted since I knew he was not good at taking in fluids or eating fruits and veggies and I was all over him about it. Hubby and I both relaxed and stopped focusing on it – and his movements are normal now. Many thanks to you both for this wonderful service!Love Kristine

  3. Anonymous October 27, 2009 at 8:33 pm - Reply

    My name is Dina. I was at your Dialogue with Spirit guides and was not able to ask my question. I have tumours all over my liver. They do not appear to be cancerous. I am concerned and wonder if thre is anything I can do about them or if I will be OK.Thank you very much, I appreciate any information you can provide me.

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