Catherine asked about healing her energy system. She says, “What is my body/energy system wanting to communicate to me so that I can get to the root of and heal what is blocking me from healing?”

Remember that you created this body, that the energies that move are you. That we are all vibrations, some moving slower, some parts quicker. The vibration is your spirit, or your energy voice, or your soul, whatever words you want to call it. It moves at a very high rate.

There is nothing blocking you from your body. You have understood concepts and ideals and feel there must be a certain ritual, or route to communicate with your body. When your body feels sad, feel it. You may in your conscious desire to have a picture, formulate such a picture or vision. But in truth, the communication with your body is through the emotions, your heart. For you so loved yourself that you created this body. This is why the blocks often confuse. Blocks can be issues of growth. They can be a need to be attended to. There are times, my child, when you have been over concerned about your body. Thus, it provided you with something to worry about.

Love your body, my child. Love your beautiful, beautiful chalice that holds the most magnificent energy–you. Radiate you through the very cells of your body and you shall have the health you need for your path.