Cleansing the liver

My name is Dina.  I was at your Dialogue with Spirit guides and was not able to ask my question. I have tumours all over my liver.  They do not appear to be cancerous.  I am concerned and wonder if there is anything I can do about them or if I will be OK.Thank you very much, I appreciate any information you can provide.
Dearest one, the human body, the liver is the most amazing thing.  It is such a blessing.   It is the truest element of forgiveness and healing within the body.  It regenerates itself.  It forgives all trauma if you take time to pay attention and you are doing so.  See this lovely liver of yours and visualize these little lumps and bumps just dissolving away with love.
Not with your disdain, or cutting them out, or anything negative, but with love.  Dear one, you need to eat lots of greens, lots of healthy vegetation, vegetables you would call it.  I believe it is very good to eat the rooted ones as well, the carrots, and the turnips.  These are very good for cleansing the liver.  It is also felt a good deal of water.   In fact, in the past you had water that was not clear or balanced.  You have a bit of a sensitivity to chlorine.   So allow the water to stand a bit before you take of it.   Don’t worry my dearest, your liver is doing fine.  Love your liver, love your body, do not fear it.  Be in peace my child.

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