Rachel asks if it is possible for a healer to heal another persons physical ailment – even if the person does not truly want be healed. She says, “If the person says they want to be healed but deep down really doesn’t want to, can there be healing?”

There are so many different forms of what you call healing. Sending love and energy to a being, always does a certain positive thing. If you are trying to be conditional about it, that will limit it of course. If a being does not want to be healed then they must fulfill their own needs.

But you might actually affect it a great deal by sending then healing, unconsciously to them. In time, you might get the opportunity to speak it out loud–“I don’t believe you want to be healed. I believe you are using this to bring about some growth you need to be attentive to. What does this ailment bring to your attention? What does this part of your body say to you?”

You have so many theories in your world, but healing always works. It doesn’t always make a person live forever. It is not possible in your amazingly delicate physical plane. The need for the deterioration of your body is teaching. A need for some ailment, teaching, promises perhaps. But, always there is a purpose for everything. Healing is energy given unconditionally. To align their energies to help them, put them to the best work.

You cannot not do it if you are a healer just because a person doesn’t believe in it. You must do and be in your own truth and allow them theirs.