Chanti writes:

Since I got back from France I have been sick with lung and ear infections, a bladder infection and other problems that aren’t going away.  I’ve been on antibiotics but now my symptoms are getting worse.  I have body temperature and am in pain and feel so tired. Can you give me some guidance of what should I do and what is wrong? Thank you for your help.

The Guide’s response:

Dearest one, your body is most wonderful for you to dwell in, to be.  Listen to it for it calls to you the need that you must be still and you must take time now to absorb much of the learning you have done. You have created this that  has occurred.  Be not afraid of it.

You need to choose what is good for your being.  You need to follow a natural route that will heal.  There are many things in your world now to help heal you that are not chemicals and will not cause an imbalance.  But first know that the imbalance came from your busyness, your constant going, your constant leaping forward into that that is not yet present.   Be still and let your body heal itself, give it time, listen to it.  Choose natural things.  There is a very simple sugar that will help heal your body. Ask someone who speaks of the natural ways and they will help you with this.  You do not need these things that kill many of the natural parts of the healing process.  It is just an imbalance that you are sensing this great exhaustion from.

So you are saying that antibiotics are not necessary that there is a naturopathic approach that can help her, this sugar that you are talking about?

Yes.  I believe the name is D-Mannose.

I have never heard of that before. Any final words for Chanti?

To be still and to understand that you have done great work.  You know yourself, your thinking, your understanding.  Although you do like to go back to old ways you can no longer do that.  Be that radiant being you are, in the present, now–and you shall heal.


Disclaimer:  Please know that information given by the guides does not replace the care of a doctor or medical practitioner.  The guides’ words give information of a spiritual nature and it is important that anyone experiencing medical problems consult a qualified medical practitioner for advice and care.