Back pain and expectations

A Friend asks:

Will I be able to have my own home in the near future, and what changes must I make to achieve this?  Do I need to work more and/or change jobs? I have recently asked for some financial recognition at work, but this is not looking likely, and I really would like to do something different but am stuck in the ‘trap’ of it suiting my situation.  Also how can I ease my constant daily back pain?

The guide’s response:

Blessed, blessed one, the true home is your body–that that carries the amazing spirit, that that is the elixir of you, the perfume that you be.  So first understand that it must   feel strong and whole and well.  And thought should be given to it first.  The pain that the body speaks to you with   is telling you that you’ve put very many pressures and conditions on it.  And it needs to find peace, rest, wholeness of being.

The physical back symbolizes many things in your physical world.  When it has pain it often refers to the fact that there are too many burdens on you, too many expectations—placed there by you, my dear.  And I suppose these are expectations of having your own home.  To have a place to call home is first to dwell within the body, to place the body in a place of care, to have a roof over your head, to have warmth and a feeling of safety. There are many beliefs in your society that you must have ownership.  But the true ownership is only the body that you dwell in, my child.  So place not great burdens of expectations that you should own it, but find a place that holds and caresses your being, your body.

You have found yourself in a position that you call work where you truly stay because you hope it will provide security.  And yet you forget that security must lie within you at this time–now, in the present.  For this is where security truly dwells, not within that that is expected or unknown–that that is present.

Oh my blessed one, I wish to take the blackboard and wipe it clean of all expectations—and first put you at the top of the list.  You have given great gifts to others by your presence, by hearing, by seeing, by giving them the whole of your attention.  Do so for yourself now.  Be the most important being on your list.

Give the back the support it needs.  Talk to your body.  I know you have gone through certain events where there has been intrusion upon your body.   You need to find peace within these.  Be willing to do this.  Each step may take longer than you might expect.  But be present within your body.

Now then, once you find the peace and harmony and giggles and laughter, and make peace that you have a roof, that you have food, that you have given your body all the necessary things, though there be no time quota.  Then ask yourself:  what cost do these things have?  And then you will know where you need to go and what to search for.  For you will understand the payment isn’t monetary, the physical, the give and take in your world.

There is a young person very much needing your attention.  You need to be whole and strong for this one.  Love your being, my dear one.  For in truth it is the beings in your life that have the greatest value to you.  And allow them to give you love. Be in peace my child.  You are not alone.  Ask of those that surround you for help.  Ask them to share your burden, to release your back.

Are you talking about people or are you talking about guides?

Both.  You see, because your eyes do not see them you feel they may not exist, but they do.  All that surround this entity want this one to be … happy.  Mostly happy; she is very sad.

She did ask about that too, wondering where are the people who seek her eyes and wondering why she cannot find fun times and love.

She is very busy trying to be something that she cannot be right now.  That’s why the back is in pain. In time, dear, if you pay attention to you.  If you just be still and cherish your own being.  There are many here who truly do want to help you to be happy.  But happiness comes from within, in a place of sheer opening.  Embrace all that is, not measuring or judging but embracing and being—this is happiness.



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  1. a friend April 21, 2011 at 2:24 am - Reply

    Thank U x

  2. a friend May 2, 2011 at 5:13 am - Reply

    Dear guides… Following your response I am making a conscious effort to ensure that I give my son extra attention and time, as I realise I have been too busy lately!
    Please can you tell me will his eyes and sight be fine?
    He seems happy but are there any specific worries or issues that I can help him with?

    Also was B’s recent behaviour and response due to his lack of interest, or something more complex? I made friendly contact with him to say Hi and ask if he was ok due to the storms, but the communication was difficult as before; with very little response and no effort on his part. I believed we could be friends… but now I do not think so…. due to the frustration, delays and bickering. I have decided to ‘give up’ but wonder if the interest was only ever on my part and if we were just incompatible?

    with Thanks x

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