Approaches to healing

Patricia was at the Belfry on June 11th and asked what steps she can take to use her gifts in this lifetime to move forward.  The spirit guides told her she is a healer.  She now is asking for clarification on what the healing modality would look like.  She asks, “Would it be like the master healer Denis Chagnon? Can you send healing guides and people to assist on this journey. I have already checked out many different methods of healing and think I could certainly use further spiritual guidance.”

Blessed one, you are so wondrous.  You are accepting and wanting and moving into this realm. You will start to struggle.  Allow that to flow.  Do not think that your way, your ability, your being, will be like anyone else for you are individual as your fingertips and as amazing as any being you have seen.  Your healing often starts by your wonderful ability to listen.  To be present in the pain of others to help them to feel it, for to allow it to move through you–as you have found yourself in this place be being, by accepting.  If there is a need to hold, to touch or by opening your heart, by seeing, by listening, by witnessing, all so much needed in your physical world. Be, my child and all things will be for you.  Do not be afraid to ask for that that you need; you are willing to be for those that need.

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