Advice to improve eyesight

Dawn  writes:

I’ve had a wonderful year learning and creating and living in awe of the power that is ours to use to enjoy this life to the fullest. I have been struggling, however, with my eyesight for several months and feel there may be something I’m not seeing. Please tell me what I need to hear or show me what I need to see. Thank you!

The guide’s response:

Blessed being, you have always seen everything on your path as an opportunity of growth.  This is truly amazing.  You have great capacity of healing.  It does not mean you are losing your eyesight. Your sight is beyond physical.  The difficult you have right now has to do with your genetic code, but this can be changed.  There are conditions of rest, circulation can heal and help this.  There is a dryness state in which you must take many more fluids but there is a condition where you must take certain saline things to absorb fluids. I am not talking about high blood pressure.  I am speaking that some bodies even though they take in a great amount of water do not absorb it in the tissues. Eyesight is something that needs fluid in the tissues but not of course too much, as long as the ducts are working well. Take a small amount of saline solution each day by the mouth.  This will help to absorb fluids.  You are a beautiful being, an optimist, a lover of life.  You sometimes think too much, but never to harm yourself.  To reiterate a small amount.  Do not start drinking gallons of saline water.   Choose a natural salt that is high in minerals.  Not iodized salt.  Believe in being whole and you shall be well.

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