Bieschel  writes:

I have gained tremendous self awareness in the last six years of my life, a true discovery of who I am. My days are full of gratitude for what I have gained in the lessons of what our purpose here on earth truly is. I try to live each day for today rather than think about what the future may bring. It seems to be a constant reminder to myself to get out my head and react out of my body, my intuitive side handles life situations much better.

While I definitely feel that I have a handle on my life, I do have some concerns that I not sure how to best handle. I have chronic neck pain which may have been created from an old whiplash injury or just wearing out. I do regular neck exercises as well as Yoga along with massage treatments. All of which help with the pain but I’m never pain free. Taking a muscle relaxer takes the edge of for a short while, I try not to take them too often. I have a lot of energy but find that the constant discomfort slows me down. I have also given thought to this being part of my journey? Is it that I need to be still and wait to see my next path? I am in a crossroads at the moment, not quite sure where I should be but feeling that exciting/wonderful things are ahead? Will I know?

The guide’s response:

Thank you,  thank you for asking for yourself.  You are very often giving advice to others and being in the place of showing others how to walk a path and being optimistic and upholding.  And you are trying to secretly ask for yourself because you are feeling a bit like you are faltering right now.  Don’t be afraid of this.

Your beautiful body is simply telling you, give it a rest.  You don’t have to be the answer person for anyone else right now.  Your mind is constantly working overtime–that is why the tension in the neck, between the mind and the heart.  There is a constant friction back and forth.  Yes, old accidents, old things that occur, they can cause a bit of wear and tear on the bones, on the muscles and the sinew and there is  a small amount of arthritis there that irritates.  You could use some touch from some other beings, some massage perhaps.  But don’t try to talk too much when you are receiving it, just receive.

Often, when one’s head feels too heavy it means put it down for a while.  That does not mean take it off and put it down, it means just stop thinking so much. You are very much one who thinks too much about things.   It has been wondrous but sometimes you need the stillness to see the wonder of it all. There are exciting things ahead.  You have not even begun most of it. Bless you my dear.  Bless you.