Advice for one who fears the future

Selo writes:

What should be the necessary preparations for 2012?  I find myself very worried about martial law, a possible pole shift, disease, famine and chaos amongst the planet.  What can we do as individuals for this time?  The research I’ve been doing points to disaster.   is this true?

The guide’s response:

Dear, dear gentle soul. You have experienced many things in your paths.  Many of these things you fear and because you have experienced them before, you need not ever experience them again. You are drawn at this time to those who speak of these things, but  that have no answers to them.  Let that be the teacher to this.  Listen to those who give you wisdom and answers, those who provide you with avenues of truth that feel right within you and do not just touch upon the fears.  These fears that lie within you get built up to a point that you  do not even know what to think anymore.

You do not know what your own truth is, dearest one.  So separate yourself from these thoughts and words.  See your world around you in its conscious, solid state.  The ground beneath you is solid.  The beautiful air that touches you is soothing.  The warm sun will heal you.  Your world will provide that that you need to grow.

Yes, if you believe in the negative it will provide that.  But I don’t think that is what you want.  I think those things touch upon old things within you that are not completely healed.   And you want so hard to control your world that you feel if you learn something from them, it will give you control.  Does it dear? No.  They don’t have answers for the outcome.  It causes a tension.  It is growth that they need to learn.  It does not need to be yours.

So, how to act, how to prepare as you would tomorrow?  Choose clothing that makes you happy, food that fills your stomach, words that cause peace to your heart and to others.  Embrace the loved ones that you love and tell them how you feel about them. That is how you prepare for what is ahead.  Be that that you are, a gentle beautiful soul that wants to stand in the light.  Choose it and it shall be.

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