imgresDo you have any advice about how I might get better sleep at night?

You need to rise before 7:00 in the morning. Your internal clock needs very much to stretch and move before 7:00. You need to make sure the ritual of eating is properly spaced so that your insulin levels do not become unbalanced.  You need to start dimming the lights and the thoughts and the noises around you a good hour before going to bed. When you lie upon your bed you must first get very cool and you will sleep soundly. If you awaken you must rise, go bare of foot, step outside, become very very cool, stretching and bending. Then return to the bed and lie down and sleep.

You are a child that needs ritual and structure; you always have. You are most comforted when you know exactly the time, the position, the place, how it will be to eat, to rest, to sleep. You do not like surprises but you do understand they exist.

There is nothing wrong with your being. It is a very healthy being.