Kora asks for help with a decision about where her daughter should go to school. She says, “I am not completely convinced that my daughter is attending the right school. She is very bright; she loves to learn and loves school. However, I am not sure she should stay where she is. There is a public school very close to our home and I can’t decide if I should switch her.”

This beautiful entity is so worried. She worries so much about the growth and evolution of this beautiful child that she takes from the child her own ability to shine.

I say stand back, not away, but just a bit back. See how the child blooms, and blossoms, and moves forward. Trust that the child knows what she wants and needs. Trust in her power. It does not mean neglect her and allow her to do all things she wishes to do. But allow this child to gather her own strength by making choices. Perhaps not this one, but other choices.

In many ways, you hover too closely. It is not a matter of neglect, it is out of love. It does not matter what school she attends. It matters that you allow this child to shine in the radiant light that she be. And do not fear–this is a strong child.