Advice about exhaustion and sleep

We wanted some understanding of what causes the exhaustion we feel and so we asked the guide about it.  This is the conversation.

You wanted to know what exhaustion is. The release of all energy is to exhaust it.  That is not what people often refer to.  It is the great friction of going against the energy within that causes this feeling of not being able to move forward.  When one moves in the direction of harmony with one’s energy there is no friction.  There is no exhaustion.

Can you speak individually for us about how to do that?

You are all very similar in this.  It is mostly your thought patterns that exhaust you more so than physical work.  Your bodies have endured much and have the ability to do and complete the task at hand.  Your minds are going far ahead of where you be.  Seeing complications.  Trying to grasp all things before you are truly even close to the time of doing them.  Be in the moment.  It does not mean you cannot plan or dream of wonder.  But do not–what is your saying?-cross the bridges before they are even on your horizon.

No.  The action you do in this moment is right.  Put your attentions to it.  And you will find at the close of your day, at the time to take rest, if you think about that that you did and how you completed it or what attention you put into it, you will find rest and you will sleep deep.  But if you launch yourself far beyond where you are in the time of being, you will find energies outside of you, outstretched and not within.

I have quite a hard time sleeping.

Yes, but you also have an amazing mind that seeks the intricacies of things you read and take in tasks.  And yet you have held the hands of those that passed on, you have been present in the moment of great opening.  Hold your own being my child, in the time of need to sleep.  Talk to your body of the love you have for it.  Be present.  Feel its tired need to recharge, for that is what you do in sleep.  And open to it.  You cannot open when you are outside of your being.



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