A conversation about conception, gender and the element of chance

BJ  writes:  

I recently became a grandmother for the second time to another beautiful grand daughter. We all feel very blessed to have been chosen by this being to be part of our family and know that we will have many fulfilling life experiences with these two little girls as they go through life. Out of curiosity, we were so convinced that this new baby was to be a boy, that I am wondering if they are to have another child because there is a boy coming?

The guide’s response.

Oh, the human condition is so amazing.  Male / female is totally decided in the physical domain.  You see the spirit must learn both.  The energy then manifests in either male or female, whichever it might be, and learns the lessons through this.  Sometimes this creates quite a wondrous difference, and sometimes not.  But  you see, it is part of the physical learning—male/female, ying/yang.

Do not worry as to whether they should or should not have another.  It is not up to you, dear mother; it is up to them.  And this is something that can be controlled in your physical world now.

As to should or shouldn’t, often times a being may have many that wish to come through them, and perhaps only one will actually come through.  All in due time will occur.

Enjoy these blessed beings and if, perchance, to be blessed again, know that whatever the gender will be will be.  Bless you, my child.  Bless you in the wonderful joy of new experiences with very ancient beings.

You were somewhat confused because the energy of this one was very male.  You  will find that this little one will be a tomboy.  And now this one will experience the female form in all its wonders.

It must be confusing for one who was a male in many lifetimes and then comes through as a female,or the other way around.

It can be, or maybe not.  It all depends on how evolved the being is and how they relate to it.  Very often it is truly a spirit that is very strong of one or the other in a body that doesn’t perhaps feel the same.  And often times they came back way too soon and didn’t give enough time in between to shake off the attributes of male or female.

Do people choose to be parents of one particular child?  

The connection of conception in spirit is nearly always made before entering into the physical world.  It is why some people will say, “I just know I have to have another child.”  Or if no conception has taken place they may say, “I have no desire to have any children.”

And if you were a parent in a previous life to a child that was a girl child you might then be expecting that again.  But there would be no guarantee that it would be a girl…?

No, that is the element of chance in the physical world, which actually plays quite a wonderful role in the growth of each being.  Let’s just say it changes things up now and again.

So it won’t be too predictable.

It mustn’t be.  As soon as you slot it in to being predictable, it must be changed.

But you couldn’t have a man and a woman promise beforehand to bring a particular being through, could you?  Because you don’t know if they’re going to be…?

Well, certainly they could.  Absolutely, in spirit they could choose to bring a certain child forward.  But it would be the spirit of the child.  As to the body that the child was in, that would be up to the physical world.

So it could be that a couple has a choice to bring a child through and be unable to conceive but the child could  come through in another way, for example through adoption or some other connection?

Many variables.  Yes.

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