Healing for one’s foot

Kevin is asking about his foot.  He wonders what is causing the problem and how he can assist in its healing.

This blessed being tries very hard to do everything right.  He must take deep breaths and know that there is love and peace of mind and that he shall find the peace, tranquillity that he so wants everyone else to feel, to be present in.  This being carries within him a great responsibility and guilt and tried so cushion all beings that are near from their own rowth.

Blessed one, the inflammation from your foot is creating a voice that you must listen to.  Do not move quickly forward from this time.  Take the time to heal, to mourn, to talk bout all of the deepest feelings, to see each being in your wonderful life that you love dearly.  Feel the love they have for you to know that they are not judging you, that they have only the need of love from you.  The inflammation created in the lining of the blood vessels causes this.

You can alleviate this by beginning an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, beginning with loving your own self, listening to one’s body, talking to this foot as if it was a being in the room with you,  “hello foot, what do you have to say?  You are unhappy.  You need me to stop putting pressure on you, I need to stop putting pressure on my body, I need to stop pressurizing my self.”  This way, blessed one.  Elevate, eat of things that cause healing, bathe, touch, rubbing only in the most gentle, loving way.  Because you live in a world where there must be an instant result there is an expectation that this is taking too
long.  Blessed one, it takes as long as you need to hear, to be.  Don’t be frustrated, be loving.  Don’t be guilty, be giving to your being and to those you love.  Healing is a process and sometimes it takes a lifetime. It takes what is needed.  I know you battle against these things called time and a society of expectations.  You needn’t be part of that.  BE.   Witness who you be.

As to your future, blessed one, wonderful things lie ahead for you.  Take the time now so that you will be clear and able to embrace it when it is presented.  When there are obstacles seeming in every direction, stop, see and hear the obstacles.  Remember you are in the human domain to learn.  Examine each obstacle for its learning value.  If they are all similar then there is something at hand to be learned.  Bless you my child.  You are doing very well.

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  1. Zephyr October 2, 2011 at 2:34 pm - Reply

    Guides of light – can you please teach about how our thoughts impact or co-create our reality? Is it only our thought patterns that create our experience or are there other influences such as promises and random events outside of our control? Is there a universal law of attraction that is in constant energetic flow creating each individual’s reality?

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