Wondering about a career path

Jessica writes:

Hello, and thank you for taking my question. I’m in post secondary school taking a variety of classes and I’m wondering if you can suggest what sort of direction would be well suited for me in school, and also a prospective career path.

The guide’s response:

She is confused about everything and somewhat afraid to make a choice.  That is why, my dear Jessica, you are somewhat gravitating to school, for you are good at this and you can get lost in it.  But you know that that brilliant mind will never be satisfied until you try many things–many, many things, my dear.  You cannot limit yourself to one thing. You are very frustrated when you become bored with something.  You start to dream and drift and meditate and go off in many directions.  You are a true intuitive.  You are one who can hear another’s voice and know exactly how they are feeling, how they be.  It’s almost like you become invisible when you are with some people.

So, remember this part of you.  That’s why you could be many, many things; take on many different careers.  As to exactly what to focus on, it’s entirely up to you.  There are numerous things you can do but you will and always will be a healer my dear.  Healing doesn’t necessarily always take the form of wrapping wounds and dealing with hemorrhages my dear.  Healing can be simply a being who stood and listened and saw, and witnessed  another’s growth, relayed back to them what they needed to hear.  It takes many forms.  Sometimes it can be as simple as just as you pass a being, you look into their eyes and you smile at them.  You see that they are present.  Healers are amazing beings my dear.  You are one of them.

As to what your career should follow, choose it.  Follow it.  But don’t be afraid to change, at any moment.  You have made some decisions as well, little one, that you are feeling somewhat tied to.  You fear people will think you ridiculous if you keep changing your mind.  Would you please stop thinking of how other people think of you, and allow yourself to be.

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  1. Elizabeth February 24, 2011 at 10:25 am - Reply

    Dear Guides, I know my next step is to open the door to love someone but the thought of it scares me beyond comprehension. A part of me is frozen with fear and its creating havoc, I’m literally sick, I can’t concentrate. I cannot calm myself down, I try to feel it for a few seconds to heal it but my heart goes crazy and so does my mind. What’s going to happen if I feel it for more than a few seconds? I feel I’m going to lose my mind and my family on my father’s side is well known for that. I don’t want that to happen to me again. What can I do when I start to face this? Thank You.
    Kiss kiss,

  2. CHEENU February 24, 2011 at 2:21 pm - Reply

    hello guide
    i want to know what was i in my previous birth and where i lived? i also want to know that the weakness issue and hair issues im experiencing right now..when will i get over them….plz help me..i want to feel healthy and look beautiful….

    also im a dentist and recently took admission in mBA…just wanted to know where my career is heading to? what field will i work in future? thanks

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