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Elizabeth asks:

Dear Jane, Joanna and Guides: Since I was small I’ve had problems with my neck and back, its basically my spine. I’ve been told that the top part is bent the other way. I was ok for a while after acupressure treatments but now it bothers me and I’ve started with headaches. I don’t like people touching my back or massages, and for a while I had this feeling that someone had stabbed me on the spine with a sword, very dramatic :) Could you please guide me as to how to heal my back? Thank You.

Blessed one, let all the information that you have received about your back simply be. Release to the universe.  And you begin to understand what your back is, an amazing concentration of certain cells all moved by energy that relate many things about your world to you. Your world has been difficult at times.  You’ve often felt that you were not enough for it and so, in many ways, it has caused you pain.  The feeling of being stabbed in the back is a manifestation of how your life feels at time and thus, relating the information to you.  You did experience a past life where you were truly stabbed by a very large sword. At a time of this occurring, the pain, the same age were the keys to release that that was and to be that that is, whole and strong and able to support you in life.

Touch is an interesting statement.  If you are ready to receive it you will allow a being gentle pressure.  But mostly, my dear, you need to be rocked to realign the energy in your spine by rocking gently back and forth as a mother would hold her child.  Gently move your spine in whatever position you can, but try to move it back and forth, gentle, slow movements, talking to the rhythm of the very energy of the cells. Don’t worry about it being bent in one position or another.  Gently, soothingly rock it.  You have many things in your physical world, energies, that can’t enter into these energies.  But if you choose the rocking, the gentle movement, this is what will speak to the very cells to alleviate your pain, to realign your connection with your body, with your world.

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  1. Adrian January 18, 2011 at 8:09 am - Reply

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  2. Elizabeth January 18, 2011 at 10:17 am - Reply

    Fantastic, thank you!! I will do the rocking, I’m so excited this is so ‘doable’.
    kiss kiss,

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