WaveI don’t have a specific question, but is there any information you can share with me?

The guide answered this question and included an additional message about our spiritual toolbox. The Spiritual Toolbox is a weekly message the guides have been sharing.  If you wish to review earlier messages on this topic, please scroll below.

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I could indeed speak to you of something that you have a very amazing ability of and it can also be used for what you have been using as the toolbox.  In this amazing experience of a lifetime, in your toolbox and what you my dearest one have is listening; to hear, to hear not just with your ears, but with your heart, your whole being.

This is a very wondrous ability that all of you have the ability to do, but most often beings are not hearing, not listening.  They are busy thinking of what they will say, or be in a few minutes, or were in the past. But to truly listen to a being you must be very present.  You have this ability, blessed one.

Even if the nerves in the ear canals are stilled, your body can listen.  It can feel the vibration of another being’s voice, need, state of health. This is part of being very spiritual, for you are very present to feel all of the energy around you and you hear it.  It is often said that all of the amazing senses the body is given, that hearing is the most diverse for it is in all parts of you.  It has an expression in every part of the flesh of a body.

Be listening to the song of a bird.  Is it calling a love, or is it calling out fear, the sound of the water, the pulse of the tide.  This is an amazing thing to have for through this listening you are one with your universe.  You can help others by guiding them with your words to their truth, by hearing not perhaps the words, but the intent that they speak with.  The lilt of their song can be sad, or happy. The whisper that they speak can be filled with love, or fear.  Your world can talk to you if you listen.