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The Presence Of Love

My prayer for everyone tonight is to feel the love from every heart they have loved and been loved by. The bonds we create with loved ones never die. They become stronger. They strengthen us, holding us when we miss them. Especially at Christmas, there will be an empty space that they filled so wonderfully. [...]


The Gift Of Christmas Now

Not surprisingly, many people are leaving their positions right now. They call it burnout. It's actually that they have given all their energy and not received enough back. This is not about money; it's about [...]

Be Patient

Today I asked my Guide, "Everyone is so exhausted. What's going on?" His reply was: This is and will be a difficult time. All times of great learning have the capacity for difficulty. You are [...]

Santa Joy

Even the grumpiest old curmudgeon smiles when this band plays. I love to see eyes light up and years fall away with smiles of pure joy. My little Violet can watch it play all of [...]

Bread: A Meditation

I realize I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Not only do I love to cook for loved ones, it's a meditation for me. I've never really sat meditating the way most spiritual [...]

Home: from my heart to yours

A place to take shelter from the storm. A place to nurture and restore. Where dreams are made and realized. Gatherings of love, babies welcomed, and old ones released. Matters not its size or shape, [...]

We Are All Energy

Yes, old things talk to me. Not unlike our DNA, which we can leave on articles from our bodies, I believe we also have an energy DNA. That your energy rubs off on objects and [...]

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