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A prayer for these precious children

A Prayer As I light this candle today, I ask for love and healing for us all. I can hear the voices of these precious children. We have failed them. They have not failed, they teach us now. They want to bring us all into the light of love. Love, Jane     Photo by [...]


A Handful Of Wishes

Her name is Violet, which is perfect for a nature spirit darting back and forth in the yard, breathlessly talking to me. It was at the last moment, a chance to see her... and on [...]

International Women’s Day

It is believed that the females of most species are the life-givers, the nurturers, the healers. There is a very different energy that is possessed by women. Though unique to each, there is a strong [...]

He Did His Best

As I would go out for my annual Christmas Eve walk, that I have done, well, a long time, in the early days my guide would tell me the story of Christmas. I realized even [...]

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