Someone calling herself “the lady” writes, “I wish to move forward in my meaningful work but do not see a way financially. How can this open up? So grateful for your higher perspective.”

Dear one, you think to the point that you exhaust your mind. You are always trying to have your foot on that next step securely planted, knowing that it will support you before you step. Dearest, your element now is trust that you will not fall through the cracks and disappear, that you shall be.  You have fought against this for a long time and you are weary.  And yet you fear to ask.  You fear to ask for the support you need to do the work.  There are many souls that can help you.  Will you?  It is true you feel stuck.  You have made the steps.  Each one you still cling to instead of releasing yourself to be.  To be the amazing being that you are.  To be still, to trust that if you follow your truth without clinging to other things.

So, how do you do this?  You practice thinking:  I believe in me; the world shall see and I shall be.  Ask all that see you.  You have such a gift my child and you are so worried to be a burden on anybody, or anything, you feel you must have total security and you do not realize it is there, at your fingertips.  I know the fear that lies within you.  I also know the strength.  You have not made wrong choices my child, you just did not let go of any.  You cling as if it was a lifeline and that has held you back.  Blessed one, do not be afraid.  Allow the world to see you instead of hiding, instead of presenting this secure being that needs no assistance.  Would you not want your children to know, to ask?  You wish this very much from one, who will not.  Believe my child.  It shall be.