Time to let go of a promise with an ex-husband?

Donna asks if it would be in her best interest to move residences.  She says, “Do I need to let go of what my former husband promised? Thank you.”

No. There is an element of a promise at hand with you, my child. It is not so much of the physical world, but a spiritual one. I know that part of you wishes to be done with it and a part of you wishes to not be done. There is part of you angry at yourself for not fighting for yourself. You need to be willing to forgive yourself for this. It is not holding up this process.

When a being speaks words that create a bond, it becomes a reality. This cannot be broken. You know very well if you could be still and alone with that being that you would be able to converse and have communion. But so much is clouded, so much is distorted. You know not where you belong in time and space with this one anymore. And, in truth, you are still stuck in that place in time. But it is not yet time to release from it. This might seem a burden to you, but I think you will understand it in time, parts of you does already.

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  1. Joanna March 20, 2010 at 9:39 am - Reply

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  2. Nancy March 20, 2010 at 8:37 pm - Reply

    My dear guides and my angel the one who as been with me all my life. Everynight I am asking you to give me strengh and give me a sign that my life will be better.I feel sad and get so desapointed with people and with myself .I get sad when I think about the lost of my marriage and the lost of being a mother. I had so much dream for my marriage to grow old with this person that I love.Now , I am alone and I am having this fear of being alone for the rest of my life and the sadness to think I will never have child hurt me so much.In the past you have told me that they have children wanted to be with me and a new partner who I could choose to be with .It is so hard for me to believe of this because I am to old to have children now and the chance of meating someone where I leave is not the place for it.I would like to know if this special person his still there for me and when would I know it is the one for me?How will I know ? what sign would I say “yes it is him”I want to grow old and happy with that person is it possible?I miss so very much hearing you my guides .LoveNancy

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