There is change at hand for each individual, Jane Kennard, Circles Within Circles

There is change at hand for each individual

A conversation with a spirit guide about our world and what’s ahead for us

We keep hearing that the old ways don’t work any more and Jane wanted to ask about the circle within a circle. Does that mean the circle is broken, and things are going to be different?

Hmm. Yes, my dear. There are to be changes, but not to be feared. Too much information sometimes comes from spirit and you instead of being filled with joy and expectation—I’m not speaking individually of you in this presence—but it is often conveyed through a being who is filled with fear. But it’s true that there is change at hand—for each individual.

Is that change because things seem to be speeding faster and faster and more and more terrible things are happening?

And very positive things are happening.  Things are not faster, but your communication, your knowledge of them, your learning is quickened. But that is only because you are all very evolved beings. The very new beings are not learning quickly. They are dragging their feet, they are looking sideways, they are trying to miss the information thus not having to be responsible for their actions.

Blessed ones, as you all whirl through time and space you must deal with the heaviness of the physical domain. Your physical domain serves a great purpose of learning. You evolved beings of light have travelled through a great deal of time through this dimension and now see it clearly.  You cannot see it clearly if you have not spent so much time there. New beings of light have not yet learned, so be patient. And that is why you must speak very clearly. Do not expect them to learn quickly. They learn at their level.

I know you ask about the circle within the circle, well that that is old is new again. It means that you will repeat several times, but you must understand that your being is evolved. Your choice will be different each time around the circle. Each time of the same occurrence, the same learning happens again and again. All of you have seen these things many times over, and see the results. But you have changed, so your choices have changed, so your needs have changed. You can no longer allow these circles or these continuums to be held in the hands of those that do not grow. It’s as simple as that, yet you will see it as much more complicated.

Well, it’s complicated by political systems and different countries…

Oh but there other things going to occur that are bigger than political situations. Your worlds are going to collide with other worlds. You are going to see the movement of great learning.

That sounds a little scary.

Be it not, my dear. Can you not see it as great oneness?

What do you mean our world is going to collide with other worlds?

Your sweet little home is going to be affected by other things that will come into it, through some political voices, some environmental voices, some conditions of humanity. Nothing stays the same in the physical world. It cannot. It must change. But each of you wants to have constancy, and yet none of you have stayed the same from where you were this morning. You shed cells, you take different breaths, your lungs expand in different ways, your blood takes in nutrients and releases toxins.

When you say worlds collide, do you mean that other beings will come here?

That’s part of it too. It is already occurring.

These collisions, are they different planes colliding with our physical world?

It has happened already, and you will see it again.

Are these planes that are not perceptible to us, maybe they will become perceptible by us?

They are seen by some.

In a sense though, isn’t that what this is? I mean we are talking to you and you’re not here.


Are these beings the same level that we are?

Why do you think there is something intrusive. They are as evolved as you be.

I don’t think it’s intrusive. I’m actually quite excited about it.

I know, but you believe the collision is something to fear and some will definitely be fearful.

What time frame are we talking about?

It is already happening.

It will be like learning that the world is not flat?


Well I think there are some people who are almost hoping that someone will come in from the outside and take control.

There is always a point in evolution where a leader, a hero, a superman is wanted. But in truth you are all supermen.

So the old order is passing?


And there is chaos.…

Because it doesn’t want to pass. There are those that find comfort in it and want to have a map. Know that each being is responsible for your own path, your own choices, your own effect upon this. Is it good enough to be what you would want to be known as you? Are you what you believe you are saying you are?

It’s a tall order.

Then fulfill it my dear. For you are the only one who can.

Is it as simple as letting go?

Oh you say this word with great want from your heart, my dear. You want to let go and yet in many ways you fear the expectation of others. Letting go and embracing all of these things are things only those who are evolved understand. It isn’t about having a handful of coins; it is about knowing where the coins should go. And where they belong in the order of this physical domain.

You are here in this very heavy soggy, wet domain for a very good reason: to understand about weight. But it’s not weight in the physical sense, it’s weight in the energy of who you be. For your energies quicken. That’s why you sense it getting faster. It’s more a part of who you be. So don’t stand back and blame other little conditions where they sit and look not around their world. But look to yourself as to your own actions. And speak loudly of it. For you are the voice of your physical domain.

Each of us.


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