Talking with a guide about ghosts and apparitions

We have some questions about apparitions. Ghosts, we think of as people who have passed away but they have not gone to spirit. They’re still here. Is that right?

Yes, the word you use refers to people that have left the physical domain but their spirit has chosen not to go on, not to remove themselves from it completely to understand what their life’s path was. They instead stay very much stuck in a place of no growth. And they will often stay exactly as they were, but of course many times do not understand that they cannot be seen.

Until there is a person that is very open and very sensitive might see them, and see their presence and in fact help them to move forward.

Once, I don’t know if I was tired or if it was imagination, but I thought I saw a fellow sitting in my living room.

You certainly did.

Is he still in my home?

No. You live very close to where he did live, and he is just simply still wandering.

Ah. So when people see them, do they see them in a form. When people see them do they see them in the form that they last were in?


Sometimes people see shadows. Why would you see a shadow rather than the form?

It is up to the intuitive or the sensitive nature of the person seeing. If you are open and aware you will see forms or feel the energy changes. If you are extremely sensitive and open you will actually see their body, though it no longer exists in the physical form.

One time I didn’t see a ghost but I heard a big clunk and a camera that had been in a box was on the floor. Was that something done by a spirit or a ghost?


So they can actually move objects?

Yes. It takes a great deal of their energy to do it.

And why would they do that? Just trying to get our attention?

They don’t know that they are not present in your world. They were drawn to that for it was an energy field that they could actually move.

And some houses seem to have that energy more than others. Is that true?


And they’re drawn to that, I guess.

Sometimes they don’t know they can get out of there.

So they’re stuck in there.


What should one do, then, if you see someone sitting in your living room?

Tell them to go to the light. Tell them that they are loved and there are many waiting for them, and they are not alone. Identify that they are lost and maybe they’re afraid, but they needn’t be, because if they just look they will see those that have come to help them.

Can they hear us if we speak to them?

You must speak out loud if it is what you would call a ghost. A spirit guide does not need your voice to hear you.

Would it be part of our learning to go through that process of being a ghost? Would we choose that? Is it something we all have to go through, or does it just happen because of shock of death?

It’s as individual as you are. Some may need to have that experience but very seldom does it actually help your energy grow, because it’s a place of no growth.

It’s my understanding that someone who died suddenly before they were prepared would have a tendency to stay as a ghost, not ready to move forward. Is that truth?

Perhaps from the sudden exit of the physical domain, but most beings that stay are ones that were very stubborn… and very unwilling to see anything but their own desires. And they just are refusing to accept anything but what they believe is their truth. And so they do not see all that is possible.

Not too dissimilar to many people you see walking about in your world. When they pass into spirit they often stay in the same state. But they are not alone. Not while you’re in the physical domain or if you’re stuck in between.

That’s what is it: in between. Some are actually still repeating the same actions over and over again. Can they harm you? No. They can frighten you if you were not prepared to see them and you have evolved to the state where you are able to.

Or. if perhaps, they are doing such a structured routine that it is seen over and over again. That may frighten you, but that’s your choice…

Like a door banging?

Yes. Like a temper tantrum taking place, because of inability to move forward. They are not trying to frighten you. They are confused.

Thank you.



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