You talked about the overturn of souls, could you explain that?

Present on this physical plane at this time is a great number of very new souls and a great number of very evolved souls. Great growth has occurred on your physical plane due to an amount of individual growth. This leaves a vacuum present, and a need for those that are the teachers, the lawmakers, and the ones that change things. So right in the middle, where many of these laws get changed and new thoughts are brought upon this world, there is a void. And so it is very understandable that old souls have difficulty raising new souls. And that new souls have difficulties being contained. And that old souls being born now are very often being lost in the shuffle as being obscure and different. Overturn of souls this. There is a great movement. It causes some chaos, caused great growth and great disasters. All of which are necessary in your physical world.

Just going back to this idea of changing the schools to meet the needs of young people now, the way these things change is so painfully slow and requires money. Governments worry about resources and are stuck. I’m not sure how we can become more creative and break through that. It seems almost impossible.

No, nothing is impossible. But it is up to the individual to seek their truth. You see, all things mirror the problem. All things must be. If you find yourself in a situation that no longer fits you, that causes you discomfort. That makes you feel you are no longer in the right place, then you must choose to move forward, to step outside of it. And that might be frightening at first. At first. But after you have evolved past that step you will question why you took so long to move forward. You all fear that such chaos will reign if people start to be that that they need to be. No. The opposite is true. There have been many surges of great growth in history. It did not cause the end of existence.