The answer to Meluque’s question about why the dinosaurs disappeared spoke about the growth they offered others and the growth they accomplished themselves. This idea of growth keeps surfacing when the guides speak to us. No matter what the question or concern, the real core issue seems to be whether growth is taking place. Of course, it’s not just physical growth that they speak of, but growth of the spirit. So, I guess this means dinosaurs were here for their spiritual growth as well.

This answer takes us away from the physical or scientific reasons for the existence and disappearance of dinosaurs and moves us quickly into the spirit point of view. And that’s the amazing thing about the guides’ answers to questions. The core always returns to spirit, and to the idea of growth.

Most of us think about dinosaurs as scientific wonders; the guides see first their spirit and their opportunities for growth. Dinosaurs with souls–it’s quite a new way of looking at paleontology.

Jane and I will take some time next week to address the follow-up questions that have been posted. Meanwhile, we’ll all keep working on our own growth.