Interpreting a symbol from spirit guides

Lindsay asks about the meaning of a symbol from her spirit guide.  She says, “I recently asked for a sign, any sign to let me know he was there or to guide me on my path somehow. I wondered if I would even know how to recognize the sign, but within I received the most unmistakable sign, and it came in a very profound way! The sign came in the form of a universal symbol for breast cancer. Can you please tell me why my spirit guide chose to give me this symbol as a sign. What does it have to do with me and my path? Was it a warning? I would love to understand a little bit more about what this means for me. I was also wondering if you could please tell me my spirit guide’s name. Thank you so much. Blessings to you all.”

Entities that guide are often reluctant to give names. Tell her to persevere and perhaps in time. There are thirteen of them, and perhaps one might give a name. As to the symbol she receives, she drew this to herself for fear. It is not a symbol that she needs to worry about, but can in fact, embrace. Know there is a certain condition in this symbol that everyone will be conscious and give love instead of fear (which is often attracted by this). She is going to change many things in the world and that won’t be all of it. When people create symbols, they are trying to create change. This is what I want her to know. She is a new thinker. And she must be told by those entities for her to believe it. She should work on the communication with her entities, her guides. Between her and them, they will find a way that is most convenient, or comfortable, or fulfilling for her.

She has never been one to follow another’s routines, or ritual. Seek it my child, it will come.

I am not very clear if that was a symbol that she created. or was it a gift from the guide?

Both. Part of her fears that. And when you fear. you draw it to you. For you are telling all that surround you that you need to deal with this, that you need to grow and so it was provided for her. The fear that it created helped her to grow. That, that she pursued was good. The confusion, growth. Do not be afraid of pain, but understand that if you fear something you will draw it to you. For fear is a sign in the body of something that needs to be changed and altered–for growth.

First published on the “old blog” February 24, 2010

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