Someone who didn’t give a name asked how to heal the deep sadness within.

Dear one, you are a very intuitive being and early, early in life the trauma that you felt all around you set you on a path to make everyone feel secure and steady. The base of this trauma was the sadness that you felt. And now you no longer need this old suit of armor. And to release it you must feel it and see how it has affected each condition that has arisen, or element of learning that has arisen on your path. How the sadness manifested and how you overturned it by being very constructive and active. How you moved forward, and did not allow yourself the whole of the pain and the sadness.

You are the most magnificent evolution of being. When this occurs, when the body no longer wants to carry this condition or this attitude it manifests pain. In other words, it creates a reason to bring up a sadness, so that you might release it. So when something that may not seem important might overwhelm you with sadness. Stop. Be in it. Feel it. If tears come let them flow. Do not judge yourself or take on the discomfort of another about your feelings of need to be seen and heard and felt by your own being. And in time you’ll see how light you’ll begin to feel. And the burden of heaviness upon your shoulders will be much lighter. And you will giggle with a joy deep within.

It is not that that will go away, it is that you will have accepted that it is part of you, a blessed wonderful part of you. Healing is not the cutting out and chopping up that is often thought of in your physical world. It is embracing, surrendering, accepting, loving. Love that part of your being that wanted to help others but in fact harmed you in the process. You needn’t do that any more.

You know very well that you tried to be the best for those around you. And they often didn’t see it and it hurt you greatly. And you can actually heal all of that. The irritation you felt with your mother when she didn’t see the sensitivities within you can be healed. They don’t go away, but you become greater than this by loving and healing your being, and allowing your being free of conditions under these emotional states.

It doesn’t happen quickly dear. It takes a while. I thank you for being ready and willing. For this is the greatest step to take. Forget about repeating patterns, it’s not so much this, as just feeling and being exactly who you are–a wonderful spirit in body with all emotions open, and tuning them to the right vibration for you.

Thank you for this information.