Guidance for our times

These words were given to us by a very high guide this morning.

Hello blessed ones.  You will each feel a shift, a change, at hand.  Your states of being receive this understanding.  Do not plague yourself with anxiety but open to the newness of that that is about to be: movement, change–or perhaps a revisiting, an unleashing.  The true understanding of the new time is at hand, my children.

It will be a common thing to have many new theories arise now for those that struggle to understand the state of being and want to return to that that was.  They will take old theories and try to rewrite them with new words.  But understand that this a time of being unlimited, to develop a new understanding of being.  The new world is at hand.

This has occurred before in the history of the physical dimension.  Nothing to fear.  It is not a common circumstance but it has arisen.  And that is the magnificence of it.  Open to it–the clashing of the old and the new.

And how do we open to it?

By giving it time and room to grow, to be.  By holding the space filled with love.  By judging it not or trying to control or contain it.  For those that are in wild abandonment and needing to express an inner joy must be allowed it, just as those that need to express their inner anger or negativity.   Allow them this expression.  And then when all is calm speak your truth.

You’ve been told the need to speak your truth.  But now it is even more important.  The shift will come in periods of upheaval. You might think it is not time for change.  But it is–very much so.  This will not bring you harm in any way.

Do not bear this information lightly.  It is for you to understand and not to fear that that is to be seen, past present, in amongst all of you.  Society has a great need to change now, to shift.  It is happening–movement, speaking, the hesitation.  It is gentle but strong to offer a hand in times of such chaos.

Do not offer the solution, but the strength of being.  As if:  See how I have done.  I be in this time.  And I grow, and I be.  This is what you teach. You do not need to profess any miracle—for you be that.   It’s not about making a lot of noise.  It’s about standing, and being.

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  1. NANCY May 26, 2011 at 2:20 pm - Reply

    I keep coming back to re-read this. Important, I think. I feel something shifting, moving, and it is uncomfortable. This post is soothing right now. Thanks.

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