Deep and abiding growth is happening

A guide speaks about our world today and how it is evolving

What are some of the amazing changes happening for humans on our earth now that we may not be fully aware of or that may not be openly shared in the media?

Are you talking about the physical development of the body or are you talking about the elements of research and discovery?

More of research and discovery and our consciousness, our awareness, our growing.

Those are two very separate parts, my dear. The evolution, the overturn of souls, if that’s what you speak of–the time that you have come to be present in where evolved beings are asked to step forward to teach the very new, that have very chaotic paths in their wonderment. This is succeeding; it is doing very well. Though you hear and see through transmissions much of the negative, great positive things are occurring.

The young are looking at new ways to be. Though you are seeing only the tip of the iceberg of course, for those that use much of your transmissions only for superficial growth. Know that there is deep and abiding growth happening. And these beings are not making a lot of noise, they are not speaking a lot about it for they do not want to be condemned. For many new souls are filled with judgment and condemnation.

Evolved beings and the middle-aged ones that are moving forward are learning and growing and seeing that if they make a lot of noise about things sometimes they are stopped in their tracks. So give them their time and space. Do not ask always what you are doing and how are you doing it. Teach by living your own life, by making your choices.

There are so many things that the physical domain is evolving into that can tip it one way or the other, just as positive as is negative. Do not fear, but trust that you will see great growth. But do not be afraid to stand in the midst of fear either, to see how it has good and bad balances to it. Know that fear in its beginning point helps for the survival.  If growth is not continuing, fear can stop growth, but growth is always present.

Your question is too large to answer in just one moment. There are many good things occurring. In the midst of battles, if one being has a sense that this should not be done and lays down their sword, this is a good thing. I could not possibly expect your mind to understand all.

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