Daughter asks mom: Could you choose to become a ghost?

Kirsten: We’re coming to our festive time of Halloween, where we like to talk about…

Spirit Guide: Hmmm

Kirsten: Scary things, but, our question is, wondering if we could choose to become a ghost?

Spirit Guide: Why would you want to my dear?

Kirsten: I don’t know that I would want to, but I think… I was talking with my daughter…

Spirit Guide: Oh, yes!

Kirsten: Yes, and she was asking me…

Spirit Guide: Hmmm

Kirsten: Well, I think our conversation was…

[Guide’s laughter]

Kirsten: Could you choose to be a ghost? And, if you did choose to be a ghost, could you be one [a ghost] that causes trouble? How do we…

[Guide’s laughter]

Kirsten: For the sole purpose of causing trouble.

Spirit Guide: Well, of course… each entity, each individual, each spirit has their own ability to choose what is right for it. Often with the lack of conscious understanding of the choice, a being that may have passed through might think that they need to stay and complete something and may be very frustrated with all that is occurring because they are still very present in your world it’s not like they cannot hear, and see and be very much involved in everything that’s going on and if the passing was a tragic time and people are very upset, that being may really want to change their feelings and make them happy and they might do things that you would think were terrifying but in fact what they thought would lift your spirits and make you happier so that might come across as being frightening or but has nothing to do with being frightening it is simply just trying to get your attention or is very frustrated probably doing something negative would not be wise while you are in spirit because it’s simply just causes a whole lot of other very evolved beings to come and surround you and try to get through to you. It isn’t a very positive place to be but it can occur. But all things that are truly fearful are very much in your physical world; they are not in spirit. It’s a person’s own fear that conjures up much of this nonsense that you see about beings that are trapped or… if someone is knocking on a wall then say hello, don’t go screaming off in another direction. You simply give them some time and energy, ask them if there is nothing you can help them with that they be on their way. Remember it’s your domain now or whomever you’re talking to, your little one.

Kirsten: Yes, I was and that’s funny because I was driving by a house or building and I said, ooh, that looks haunted, and I said, but not in a good way. Which I thought was kind of funny because I’m thinking that is… um, there’s places where there’s beings…

Spirit Guide: There’s a different thing than a ghost or a spirit haunting, in there is a memory bank, it is almost like a scar on the energy of a place. Just as you could mark with a knife, a physical mark in something, you can actually mark the energy in a building, its very walls, its floors, its ceilings, and that can be repeated and repeated if something very negative occurred in there. But, has nothing to do with the ghost.

Kirsten: So what is it that you’re…

Spirit Guide: It’s just the negative energy that occurred there, it lingers, it stays, it’s like a scab, and ah… very… almost impossible to remove that if something very traumatic. You all know that where there has been very big battles, or terrible things that people say that the land still feels very sad or that… it’s true, but it’s not ghosts haunting it, it’s not… [laughter] I think it’s interesting you call them ghosts, I call them people, but anyway, um, it’s just a terrible vibrational energy that is scarred upon the land, or the building, or… things… you can have a… what is that game? The candelabra in the dining room… whatever that game is…

Kirsten: Oh, Clue!

Spirit Guide: Yes, it can be in a candelabra, if it was held in a time where there was a great negativity, it imprints, that’s the word you need, imprints upon it, but it is not an actual ghost.

Clarke: So, when you say that it can happen again, over again, is that a coincidence or is that because the energy in a place would invoke it?

Spirit Guide: Stayed… it just keeps repeating itself, over and over.

Clarke: So, someplace like the Tower of London…

Spirit Guide: Yes.

Clarke: As an example where many, potentially many horrific things took place.

Spirit Guide: Yes.

Clarke: Then the energy in a place like that would be quite intense?

Spirit Guide: Absolutely, and is very much so… she doesn’t walk the walls holding her head, but the screams, and the agonies, and the tortures… oh, many beings that were held there and etched their names upon walls, they put their very blood into the walls, leaves an imprint. Not that those beings are walking… [laughter] there are a few… [laughter] there are a few that are still trying to convince the king otherwise, but that is kind of silly if you think about it but umm, yes…

Clarke: So, nothing haunting, it is just that there are some beings that are still trapped there or have trapped themselves there?

Spirit Guide: Well, the energy which keeps repeating itself, it is just simply energies, like an old replay of something, over and over again. But, actual beings, spirits, that are stuck… because they choose no growth, and they’re choosing to stay put in that place because they’re not complete, or they weren’t happy, or they were mad about something, or their life was taken before they felt that they should have been, and they were determined to stay put, they are still there. They cannot harm you. They can make a lot of noise and maybe when beings such as yourselves could be close you would say to them that there is light and love for you, you don’t need to stay in this drafty, old place any longer.

Clarke: And, has anybody ever attempted that?

Spirit Guide: No, they like them.

Clarke: Okay.

Spirit Guide: There’s something about human’s condition that likes to see these things and be half terrified sometimes and yet there is nothing to be terrified of. This poor wretched soul is stuck.

Kirsten: That’s sad.

Spirit Guide: Yes.

[Guide takes deep breath]

Kirsten: Ok, well, thank you.

Spirit Guide: I love you.

Listen along with the Jane Kennard Spirit Wisdom Podcast: Could you choose to become a ghost?

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